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Betriebssystem:   XP / 2000 / ME / 9x / Vista / 2003 / NT / xp x64 / 7 / Vista 64 / 7 x64
Datum:   26-02-2014
Web:   www.ccleaner.com
Sprache:   Multilanguage
Größe:   5 Mb
Downloads:   1306
Mindestvoraussetzungen:   Pentium® III 700 Mhz / RAM: 128 MB
Mindestvoraussetzungen:   Pentium® IV 1,7 Ghz / RAM: 512 MB
Ccleaner is useful tool which lets you thoroughly clean out your system, improving performance in general and freeing up space on your hard disk. Cleaner works in a similar way to the Disk Cleanup tool included with Windows but is much more effective.
It eliminates temporary files, useless files left over from old installation processes, and cookies, empties the recycle bin and even clears invalid entries from the Windows registry.
Before deleting anything, Cleaner lets you specify whether or not to do so, so you don’t need to worry about losing important information, also will ask you which disk you want to scan soy you don´t waste time scanning all the units.
This version has been rebuilt in C++ so it has fixes and improves some aspects of the application’s programming. There is also a portable version in the market so you can carry everything to another PC using any USB device.
Now you know, with Ccleaner you can keep your system clean so it works properly. Use it and you will see the difference.

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